News Aggregation and Filtering.

The Newscombinator aggregates and filters news-content for you.
Very fast and very efficient.



Hey Folks


It's about Money!


We got funding!


We participated in the M.I.T. sandbox and got funded. We are currently re-building the core of the newscombinator and had to take it offline for that.

Signup is still possible - and recommended!

While the newscombinator is not working, we will keep everyone informed who signed up and reset the trials once our programming is complete!

We apologize for the inconvenience to our existing users, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to make something bigger out of it!


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  • Do you have a lot of news to observe?
  • Have a blog with niche content, or
  • are you working for a magazine?

The Newscombinator is made for you!

It is made to find the interesting content! You don't have to observe dozens or hundreds of sources anymore yourself.


The Newscombinator connects all your channels.

It aggregates in real time, tracks stories and applies machine learning enchanced filtering to the news stream.




Have a few dozen to hundred RSS feeds to monitor? Sometimes blogs and websites which don't have RSS feeds?

Aggregate everything, from websites, blogs, with and without feeds!


Get notifications about your favorite topics by MAIL, RSS or even as JSON. Skim through the news once a day, or hourly. It's up to you!

Intelligent Filtering

Use the power of advanced machine learning to filter the content. It's as easy as liking something on your favorite social network!

Keyword-Search was yesterday, today we train machines so that they really understand our needs.

Full Text Search

Can't remember the title of the story? No problem!

You can search for titles, urls or even the whole content.


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We know that running a blog with niche content takes a lot of time and effort.
Interesting things don't happen every day.

The Newscombinator comes with a risk free 30 day trial. This gives you a whole month to see if our service fits your needs.

It can save you hours of work to dig out the content you are after.
Only €5.00/month. Cancel anytime!